The Appearance of al-Dajjāl and the Descent of Masīḥ Īsā: An Analytical Study of Mushkilah Aḥadīth


  • Ayoade Abdul Hakeem
  • Luqman Lekan Adedeji


appearance of dajjal, descent of masih, mushkilah ahadith, sahih al bukhari, authenticity


The appearance of al-Dajjāl and the descent of Masīḥ Īsā is an integral part of the Islamic belief system according to the Last Day. Many debates have arisen around this topic generating arguments and counter arguments among the scholars of Islam. Naturally, there are two parties holding their opinions and providing scholarly evidences to support the stand. This study focuses on the Mushkilah Aḥadīth on the appearance of appearance of al-Dajjāl and the descent of Masīḥ Īsā, analysing the standpoints of both proponents and opponents. It attempts to critically reveal the strength and weakness of each submission. And the researcher reaches into conclusion based on the analytical study of Mushkilah Aḥadīth.

Author Biographies

Ayoade Abdul Hakeem

Research scholar, International Islamic University Malaysia.

Luqman Lekan Adedeji

Department of Arts education, University of Lagos, Nigeria